Cairns exercise physiologist services

The exercise physiologists at Sportsworld Fitness Centre can help you understand your body through education, advice and support. Whether you’re suffering from a sporting injury, or require rehabilitation, we provide prevention and management services for a range of conditions.


Our team will tailor an exercise regime to suit your health condition and will work with you to determine physical function, health and wellness.


We offer a wide range of exercise physiology services, including:

Who should see an exercise physiologist?

Anyone can book a consultation with an exercise physiologist to get a better understanding of their body. From those recovering from an accident, to someone suffering from a chronic disease, our health care providers offer tailored services.


Our team has worked with people with the following health issues and conditions:

happy fit people

We will work to assess functional capacity, current health status, strength and function pre- and post- surgery and can conduct workplace assessments. All of our services have your best interest in mind.

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At Sportsworld Fitness Centre, our physiology services are covered by healthcare plans. We offer:

Exercise physiology services aims to work on the overall strength and wellbeing of the individual through guided therapy sessions. Our team is friendly and committed to ensuring your health every step of the way. Get in touch to discuss your needs and book an appointment.

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