Pool, spa & sauna services in Cairns​

At Sportsworld Fitness Centre, we have an array of pool, spa and sauna services for our valued members.

Our outdoor pool is fully tiled, 25 metres long with 5 lanes and starting blocks.

There is a walkout ramp and swim ledges to make the pool a treat for all.

It can be used for serious lap swimming, recovery, or just to take a refreshing dip on a hot day.

The pool is available during staffed hours.​


We also have a large, outdoor, landscaped spa with a waterfall that is a great way to relax after a satisfying workout. The infra-red sauna is spacious and fully lined with cedar. 

Spa & sauna services—Aquafit Classes

Anyone can do Aquafit! Our private pool and friendly instructors will help you get a great workout whether you’re a beginner or experienced in the water. Aquafit is a fun way to get fit and toned. You can stretch and move your body to music, while having fun and being led through a great class. 


Aquafit offers a safe and effective workout for everybody. It is particularly beneficial to those who suffer from arthritis, have a low level of fitness or for those who are pregnant.


From babies to beginners and adults alike!

Adult group sessions are a mixed ability session. The aim of this session is to give stroke analysis and feedback. They’re also used to teach a variety of drills and training options to improve your swimming.


Introduce your child to the water and build their water skills. Our team will start with water confidence lessons to build familiarity in the water and give you, the parent, ideas on how to utilise games and play to build water skills. We assist with everything from mastering jumping into the water, going under the water and swimming to the edge to exit the water.


Get in touch to book a swimming lesson for yourself or your child. Our friendly instructors look forward to working with you to improve this skill.

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