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When you get a gym membership with Sportsworld Fitness Centre,

you can be rest assured that you are gaining access to state-of-the-art

equipment and professional services.

Our Gym has multiple areas suited to your needs

Our large main gym area is loaded with fitness equipment all laid out in a spacious environment where it is easy to find and use the machines you want. We have over 55 pieces of cardio gear, including bikes, cross trainers, and treadmills—all with their own LCD TVs, so you can watch your favourite show while working out. There is no time limit on the equipment, so you can get your full workout in without having to give up your machine just as you're working up a sweat.

Love the sound of banging steel and pumping iron?

We also have a full circuit of the world's number 1 computerised resistance equipment. It is simple to use and adjusts to you in seconds. There are machines to target every muscle group, giving you the ability to tailor your workout and get the results you want fast.

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Ladies only Studio

At Sportsworld Fitness Centre, we have a dedicated area for the ladies located separately from the main gym area fitted with quality equipment. There are free weights, pin loaded resistance equipment, plate loaded leg press, and a squat rack. There is also plenty of room for floor exercises including, stretching and abdominal work. Our lady’s gym also has a great view over the adjoining sporting grounds.

Our Olympic and free weights gym is for you.

This area has several full-rack sets of dumbbells, weights, bars and benches. Whether you’re just starting out and lift light weights, or you’re looking to lift heavy for competition, you will find what you’re looking for here. We also have a large pin weight area that has plenty of pin weighted machines to ensure you target every muscle group.


Our stretching and abs area will give you all the space and equipment you need to complete a full routine before your workout is complete.

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